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Tired of pulling out 5 plastic bags with each kid's lunch?! Use reusable, hand-washable, air-dryable, adorable snack and sandwich bags instead! It's a great way to reduce the waste of fabric and plastic! 


This is a pretty cool navy blue herringbone print.  Handwashes well and air dries overnight to reuse the next day!

Each bag is handmade with a printed cotton, ripstop lining, and hook-and-loop closure to keep it sealed.

Happy Choosing!
Sets $10: One Sandwich + One Snack in the same print.
You can also mix and match sizes. Snack sizes are $4 and Sandwich sizes are $7. 

These bags are so fun and can be used for anything! I just put all of my chargers and cords in a large bag for a flight. Wrangle up doll clothes, secure Legos, or pack it up with Chapstick, hair ties or candy to use as a stocking stuffer!

Here's what one of my friends had to say:
"Hi! So, this morning I was packing lunches and using SIX plastic bags and then digging back into the box to get more for snacks, which is INsANe! But then I remembered my unicorn snack packs!! And I have 6 of them! 
Thank you soooooo much or those. Now I can think of you and of Christie every morning while packing lunches AND doing my part to save the planet. 😊❤️😘"
(She bought the Unicorn print set as part of a fundraiser for one of our friends.)

Navy Blue Herringbone Snack Bags

  • Closed Snack Bags are approx 4" tall and 5 3/4" wide.
    Closed Sandwich Bags are approx 5.5" tall and 7 1/4" wide.
    Approx because...Handmade! Size may be an 8th off, but your sandwich will still fit :)

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