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5 of each available!  Ready to ship and shipping included!  Just in time for Halloween!


Super adorable way to style up baby's outfit while serving a great purpose! The chicest way to catch baby drool!

Sugar Skulls are always in season! This is a fun and colorful way to add your personal flair to an outfit!  

Sticky spider webs without the scary spiders is a fun, not-so-creepy way to show your Halloween spirit!  

Halloween Bandana Bibs - Sugar Skulls and Spider Webs

  • Bandana Bib:

    Our So Betty Bandana Bibs are backed with soft and absorbent double gauze and an inner layer of muslin to help with absorption. We also use 2 KAM snaps to make to Bib adjustable for your growing baby.

  • Bandana Bib:

    Toss the bib in the washer and dryer with other baby clothes. All fabrics have been pre-washed in Arm and Hammer Sensitive Skin Free and Clear detergent.


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