Print name:  Pink Anchors


2 Shapes Available

Rectagle $12

Form Fitted $19


If you know So Betty, you know we love loud patterns and colors. Never did I think these prints would become face masks during a worldwide pandemic.  


All FORM FITTED Masks are made with cotton and both layers of fabric are interfaced for additional built-in filtration.  


All RECTANGLE Masks are made with cotton and have a removable nose wire.  



*Offer a pocket to insert a filter, paper towel, shop rag, etc. to add extra filtration.

*Are washable!  It's best to line dry for the elastic and do NOT use fabric softener. 

*Have one continuous piece of approx 29 inch elastic to fit any noggin!  The top elastic goes on the top angle of your head and the bottom straps tie behind your neck.  Keep moving it around until it's comfortable, tie it, and keep it tied even during wash.

For fun, you can pull all of the extra elastic over to one end, angle snip the extra off and make it into a little hair tie.  The raw edges need to be re-singed to keep from fraying.


We are working quickly to make as many masks as possible so please know that the print on you actual mask will vary from the photos.  Right now, when lives are at stake, my main priority is to get masks to you and yours.  I wish I had some solid prints for you, if that's your jam, but nobody will see the lining unless you reverse the mask...which is totally an option ;)


ELASTIC OPTIONS:  I provided pics of some elastics that match the print, but feel free to mix it up.  All elastic options are pictured on the FACE MASK page.  If you are unsure of the exact elastic name, feel free to just describe it.  Some elastic options may sell out. If so, I will reach out to you with other options.


LINING OPTIONS:  Dots are ombré so color runs from dark to light.

Black, Light Navy (Dark Navy Sold Out), Green, Pink, Aqua, Yellow, Orange, Red


Stay Safe.  Stay Sane.  Stay Kind.

If you need anything specific, please reach out to me through the website, email me at kcatrett@sobettyboutique.com, or DM me on IG @SoBetty.

FACE MASK in Pink Anchors

  • Hand wash or machine wash warm or hot.  Line dry overnight or tumble dry low.

    DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER.  Softener can ruin the elastic.

    Once the elastic is tied and knotted firmly, it is recommended to keep it tied even during washing.  If elastic slips out of sides, use a safety pin to pull it back through.