549756459736 Baby Gift Set in Arizona Prints | So Betty

Baby Gift Set perfect for baby girl and baby boy!  Fun, bold prints from an Arizona themed fabric collection.


Included in this set:

1 Burp Cloth

1 Bandana Bib

1 Natural Maple Hardwood Teether


The So Betty Burp Cloths are backed with white chenille that acts as a natural adhesion to keep the cloth in place. This is especially helpful with laying your sleeping, milk happy baby down for bed!  The unique shape fits perfectly over your shoulder while providing ample coverage as it hangs front and back.


Our Bandana Bib backed with soft and absorbent double gauze to help with absorption. We also use 2 KAM snaps to make to Bib adjustable for your growing baby.


The Natural Maple Hardwood Teether is coated in organic beeswax and sourced from Alexa Organics whose products are safe and certified through CPSC, ASTM and CPSIA standards. 

Baby Gift Set in Arizona Prints


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