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And We're Back!!

I am happily unpacking and setting up my So Betty office in our new (to us) house on Bainbridge Island!

I know, I know...we move a lot. We're a family of nomads. However, I have a feeling we'll be here for a while. I mean, we bought a house after 4 months of living here. We love the island, plus I get to say, "I live on an island!" So fun!

I'm here, with my first blog post to tell you THANK YOU! Honestly, I was unpacking and falling in love with my fabrics all over again and it hit me. NONE of this would be possible if you guys didn't love what I make. I'm so honored that you support my sewing dream and stay with me as we move, travel, homeschool, take breaks, etc.


As I begin sewing again, I will first bring back the staple Nautical and Floral prints. You know I have more than this so when you need a specific color scheme or theme, just let me know! Hit up the Contact Us button on the website and I'll get right back to you!

I'll post pics and updates on our So Betty Facebook and Instagram so please follow along!

Happy Day Friend!


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