Designer Spotlight:
Katie Kime
One look at these pictures and you'll know why I fell in love with all things Katie Kime!  This creative soul is an Austin based designer that mixes bold patterns and colors in ways I could only imagine.  The flagship store is gorgeous and the KK Cottage is my dreamland.  Everything she creates exudes fun, joy, and happiness.
Looking for unique?  So Betty is the only place you will find soft baby goods, wine sleeves, clutches, and makeup bags using KK prints.
These prints are extremely limited.  If something you prefer is out of stock, let us know and we can reorder prints with enough interest.
KK Bio.png
Katie Kime Prints
In keeping with our 'unique' theme, I only ordered one yard of each of these 8 prints.  
Elephants Marching are already sold out!!
These are custom order cuts only so get in touch and let's work together to design the perfectly chic and unique gifts!
Below are items made from these beauties!
Enjoy the gallery!

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